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Artist Critique App

Thank you to Jessica Crabb for writing this challenge.

Not enough time, money, friends or colleagues in creative industries. Not a big enough audience to get noticed by trend-setters. Slight concern about IP protection.

Artists who are self-employed and don’t have a team to support them. They work in a home studio filled with tools and everything else they own. It isn’t luxurious, but they take pride in what they’ve built and are looking towards the future. They use a 2 year old smartphone and a 3 year old Mac with an external hard drive that’s quickly filling up.

To get early feedback on creative ideas before sharing with the world. Write a user narrative for the following scenario that could be used to facilitate a 30 minute collaborative sketching session between designers, PMs, researchers, and engineers. Try to balance using specific examples of data while giving participants enough freedom to come up with their own solution. Feel free to ask questions about this prompt before you begin. Budget about 30 minutes in total for this exercise.

Early Solution Idea

An instagram-like app for creatives to give critique to each other and highlight cool new ideas with the artistic community.


Designer’s Rubric