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Chat Application

This exercise is to design the home screen for an iOS app based around “discussions” or chat rooms. The app has a number of predetermined “channels” based on topics such as cooking, science, and movies. Users can participate in or create new “discussions” to go within any of the channels (e.g. “What is the best kind of rice?” in the cooking channel).

This app is a public app with public discussions and profiles, it is not intended for private messaging. The app should be broadly appealing and easy to use, not directed at a specific audience.

Please propose a design for the home screen while keeping in mind the apps overall structure and navigation. If you need to design a second screen to communicate your ideas, please do, but 2 screens maximum.


Navigation elements and features on the home screen could include but are not limited to:

Keep in mind that I’m not attached to any specific features or combination of features. The solution doesn’t need to be complex, but should be well considered and geared towards providing a fun, simple user experience!

Things I’m Looking Out For

These are the things I kind of want to see at the end!

The final deliverable should be a Google or Dropbox Paper doc, website, InVision link, or presentation that I can access from my browser!