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Face-Value Tickets App

Whenever a new, big show is announced and tickets become available, bots and scalpers are at hand to purchase the tickets with the intention of re-selling them at inflated prices. This hurts consumers by reducing availability of tickets and driving up the prices. Ticket vendors have introduced protections that hurt the consumer more; making tickets non-refundable or impossible to transfer.

This exercise is to design an experience to buy, sell, or swap digital, physical, or will-call tickets at face value, hopefully driving down the cost of tickets and preventing scalping. Consider how the tickets might be confirmed as genuine. The aesthetic should appeal to those who love music and buy a lot of tickets for shows online.

Please propose a flow or structure for one of two flows:

  1. Selling a ticket you already have for cash payment (via Venmo or PayPal)
  2. Finding and buying a ticket for a show in town.

This should be 3-4 screens and complete in 4-6 hours and should keep in mind the overall functionality and structure.


The application could include:

Keep in mind that these are not the only features that might be required, and you should use your initiative to ensure a usable and interesting experience.

Please Prioritize