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Refund or Replace Online

Shopping for clothes online would be easier if a reassuring return, replace, and refund process was available to all shoppers. Imagine you want to return or replace one or more items for your favorite clothing store and create the dream experience for it.

This flow is about reassuring the user about what is happening at each step in the process, so think about the transparency of additional costs, and be considerate of what anxieties the user may be going through during the return or refund process:

  1. Have they received my item?
  2. How long will a refund take?
  3. Will the refund go straight to my card?
  4. Will they send me the replacement I have asked for?

Propose a design and keep in mind the brand you are designing for. This should be for the web, and you can choose whether it should be desktop or mobile.


The application could include:

Keep in mind that these are not the only features that might be required, and you should use your initiative to ensure a usable and interesting experience.

##Please Prioritize